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At Reiner’s Tree Services we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of high quality services to everyone from homeowners to municipal parks. Based in Melbourne, we’ve been assisting clients with all their tree service needs for more than 25 years. We also service Vermont, Bayside, Doncaster Croydon and Dandenong. Our skilled and dedicated staff are always willing to assist clients with their garden maintenance needs. Take a look at our service areas:

Tree Maintenance

Is there a tree in your garden that’s blocking the light from streaming into your kitchen? Are their trees in your neighbourhood that are interfering with power lines? Reiner’s Tree Service offer all-encompassing tree maintenance services. These will keep the beauty of the tree intact while removing any unwanted obstructions.

Pruning and Dead Wooding

Sometimes the branches of a tree die and can become a hazard. If these dead limbs aren’t removed, the whole tree is at risk of becoming infected with fungi. Wind or storms have the potential to knock down these infected trees, which can cause harm to your family and property. At Reiner’s we use the best techniques to safely remove all dead wood from trees, not only protecting everyone, but also saving the tree from further infection.

Tree Felling

If you have a tree, big or small, that needs to be removed, we can help you get rid of everything from the tips to the roots. Tree removal can make space for new trees. We have an added service for gutter clearing.

Crown reduction and Thinning

If you have a commercial building, like a hospital or apartment block, we can reduce the size of all trees that are causing any obstructions.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

We can help you keep your garden neat with our hedge and shrub trimming services. Whether you own a hotel with beautiful shrubs in the garden or have hedges around your garden at home, we can help you keep everything in pristine condition.

Block and Site Clearing

We will help you clear all unwanted trees and plants on any site being prepared for construction or garden landscaping. If you are planning to build a new house, we can help you clear any plot of land.

Stump Grinding

At Reiner’s we can remove all unwanted tree stumps. These are ground up, and the mulch can be used in different ways, like lining the flowerbeds in your garden. We also sell mulch for different purposes.

All our operations are environmentally friendly. Contact us today on 0403 586 007 for a free quote. You can also fill in our instant quote form for a free estimation. Reiner’s Tree Services are the market leader arborists in Melbourne. We will help you with all your tree maintenance needs.

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We do it all – from removing branches and felled trees after a storm to maintaining trees at local parks, and clearing land for garden landscaping.

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