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At Reiners Tree Services, we are passionate about trees and their care. Our expert team of arborists know all that there is to know about the maintenance of trees, both young and old. We understand that trees need care and attention throughout every stage of their lives, and are always reluctant to cut down a tree if it can be made safe and kept healthy.

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Regular pruning and inspection services

Larger trees or those situated in confined spaces can be dismantled into manageable sections prior to felling in order to eliminate the risk of property damage. Following the removal of a tree, our professionals will cut the trunk and larger branches into sections to make them suitable for transport. Smaller branches and foliage will be collected and used for mulch, unless otherwise requested by the customer. Although many aged trees are of little use for timber, apart from heating fuel, we always recommend recycling where possible.

At Reiners Tree Services, our team understands that the job isn’t finished until the site has been fully cleared of all tree litter and debris, and we pledge to leave your property in excellent condition so there is no work left for you to complete.

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