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If you wish to keep a large healthy tree in a restricted space or close to property, it is vitally important that such trees are pruned correctly. Reiners Tree Services can remove any dead or dying branches in the interest of safety and the continued health of the tree. In cases where the crown is too dense, we may also suggest the pruning of healthy branches to reduce wind resistance and thus reduce the risk of any potential storm damage.

Professional trained arborists

We may further suggest the pruning of branches to eliminate interference with structures or to alleviate structural weaknesses in older trees. Lower branches can be also be pruned to allow sunlight to penetrate grass or ground cover plants around the base of the tree. You can rest assured that our trained arborists will carefully assess each situation and discuss all options before proceeding with any work.

It is essential that young, fast-growing trees are pruned in order to grow straighter and stronger through the reduction of multiple stems into one single dominant limb. Some branches can be removed for purely aesthetic reasons, as pruning can enhance the shape and form of the tree.

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