You have come to the right place for tree removal in Melbourne, at Reiners Tree Services we pride ourselves on quality work, clean up and customer service, you will notice our over 50 5 star reviews on Facebook reflect that.

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    Reiners Tree Services is Melbourne's tree specialist that can be trusted to get the job done quickly, efficiently and with minimal disturbance to you and your neighbours. Reiners have the expertise and equipment to work in a range of environments. There is no tree too large for Reiners.

    With several crews full of experience, our qualified tree removalists will tackle the tree you just want gone.

    With Reiners Tree Service you can expect to be booked in quickly and have the crew on-site to perform the works within days. Reiners also has an emergency works crew, responsible for the storm related tree works and any trees that may be a safety issue to people or homes.

    Reiners Tree Services provide a range of services from arborist related services to tree climbing, stumping, pruning, mulch delivery, firewood, tree lopping and commercial body tree maintenance.

    Removal of difficult trees is something reiners specialise in, having been called upon for consultation and works on many large difficult tree removals.

    Reiners Tree Services are now operating in and around Bentleigh





    Dead branches? Unsafe tree growth? Untidy apperance? Overhanging branches?

    Reiners have seen it all before, let our experienced team get you sorted today. The reason we have so many great reviews is because we are a great company. We are reasonably priced, and produce a standard of work that is hard to match. The experts in tree removal Melbourne.




    We serve residential customers with trees of all kinds and ages in gardens, or other types of land where tree management is needed.

    We also welcome enquiries from business owners, parks large gardens and the grounds of buildings such as schools, hospitals and other government establishments.


    Perfect Safety Record

    Reiners operate on a set of safe and well thought out procedures and processes. In a high risk industry, it's essential you hire a tree service that operates safely

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    Well you can always just take everyone else's word for it, no tree service in Melbourne has better reviews than us, there is a reason for this

    High Level Insurance

    We have $20 million public liability isurance and work cover coverage

    High Quality Plant

    We have fully operational, state of the art equipment. All of our machinery is fully maintained, serviced and has safety guarding and devices fitted

    Expert Advice

    Arborist reports and a full set of arborist related services are available from Reiners. We are a friendly and open business who is happy to give you advice or guidance on your trees

    Clean Safe Work Sites

    We have a clean up procedure on site. It is our goal to leave your property looking just as it wasbefore we set foot on site, minus the trees

    Legitimate Reasonable Pricing

    We geniunely provide fair pricing, we have a passionate team and leadership group who enjoy what we do. We don't need to rip anyone off

    Ethical Services

    Reiners treat nature with respect, animals and trees are all treated with care. We perform our works with minimal impact to the surrounding environment

    Yes, we have all of the requisite insurances, such as workers' compensation for our employees and public responsibility for third-party and property damage. We have the highest level of insurance we could acquire.

    Each council's TPO (Tree Preservation Order) is slightly different, so consult with your local council if you're unsure. On our website, we also have ties to and summaries of many council TPOs. If you're still not sure, our consultant is very familiar with the councils we deal with and can help you out.

    If the work is not approved by the council, you have the right to appeal the decision. In most cases, if the tree has been refused full removal, they may grant permission for pruning.

    That is a big yes! Our quoters have a variety of credentials in the field as well as many years of business experience. This means that we can provide you with the most effective solution to your dilemma.

    Yes, unless otherwise stated on the quote, we remove all tree debris as part of our service. If you choose, you can cut the wood to firewood length and leave the mulch if you want to use it in your gardens. We have many testimonials stating how well we clean up our sites.

    Much of the work is performed in a regulated fashion, with the cut pieces being lowered to the ground using ropes and pulleys. This enables us to work through any potential roadblocks. Our employees are very diligent, and they will move any pots, furniture, or other things in the work area before they begin.

    We have clients who are not present when the work is performed on a daily basis, but it can be fun to watch if you have never had tree work done before. The work crew will have a copy of the quote and will be aware of the tasks that must be completed. The work crew is self-sufficient and does not need electricity.

    A standard width gate can accommodate our smaller machines. They are climbing traditional stair treads. In most cases, ramps may be used to mitigate raised garden beds and retaining walls.

    If we harm the facilities when performing a service site, it will be our duty to repair them at our expense. If no location was performed, you may be held liable for any repairs. However, this happens infrequently because we still dig test holes if we have any questions, and in most cases, the services run in a straight line to the point of connection, allowing us to pinpoint their location with some accuracy.

    The more grindings there are, the bigger the stump. The grindings from smaller stumps normally blend in well with the soil during the grinding process and are not a concern. However, for larger stumps, the excess may need to be removed because it is mainly made up of wood shavings with very little soil material. It can be used as a mulch in existing gardens, but it is best not to leave it in a concentrated area because it does not decompose well.

    Yes, you are welcome to keep any wood chippings or mulch for use in your garden at no additional cost.

    To begin, contact your local government to see if the tree is protected or if it is subject to an environmental overlay. If that's the case, you'll need a permit to cut it down. You can cut back any leaves, branches, or roots that are overhanging the boundary line if it is not covered or if you have a permit. Unless otherwise accepted, this is recognised as the right of abatement and is done at your expense. Unless you and your neighbor agree otherwise, you must return the branches and leaves to them since they are their property.

    It's best if you interact with your neighbor along the way. Take advantage of the opportunity to clarify the rules. Inform them of your plans and where the cut branches will be placed. This should ideally discourage future conflicts and might even provide you with a better outcome in the long run.

    Can I compel my neighbour to cut down or kill their tree?
    Not unless you file a private nuisance suit (External link), which means someone's act or omission significantly interferes with your use and enjoyment of your land. A private nuisance lawsuit must be filed in court, so seek legal advice first. If you go ahead, you must demonstrate that the annoyance is serious and irrational.

    The court will weigh the following factors when making a decision in your case:

    the general atmosphere of your neighborhood where the interference occurred or is occurring what is causing it how long it has been occurring and whether it is still occurring the effect on you if the interference was present when you moved in how useful or important the behavior causing the interference is what normal people would think of the interference
    The court would also consider the annoyance or effects of the intrusion on you, as well as the expense and consequence of making your neighbor alter or interrupt their actions, using common sense.

    It's important to remember that living in a neighborhood means there will be conflicting desires or behaviors from neighbors from time to time. The court considers these issues pragmatically, acknowledging that noise, irritation, inconvenience, and discomfort are likely to occur wherever people live.

    It's possible that your next-door neighbor is responsible for the losses. The general duties on citizens to compensate for destroying a boundary fence can be found in the Fences Act[1]. Harm to drains, foundations, or paths caused by roots is typically protected by property law.

    It's often preferable and try to reach an agreement first. Going to court is costly and time-consuming, but reaching a private deal would save you time and money. You should discuss mediation with us (DSCV). It's free and confidential, and we work with parties to help them settle conflicts without going to court. Contact a Dispute Assessment Officer via our contact page or by calling 1300 372 888. We should set up a meeting with all sides in a neutral setting with two qualified mediators in order to find a resolution.

    It's a good idea to gather as much information as you can so that you can have an educated conversation with your neighbor. This may include the following:

    a letter from an arborist stating that the tree was to blame for the damage
    a quote for the cost of removal or repair based on photographs of the damage
    Remember, you'll need much or all of this anyway if you try mediation or plan to go to court. Furthermore, the other party's desire is not irrational.

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