Well….it could be a thousand different things. But there are often clues. When we start looking more closely at the symptoms and the surroundings, we can often figure out what the likely culprits are. If you are willing to invest some time googling, you can often figure out the easy ones yourself. Over-watering is the single factor we see hurting trees the most throughout Melbourne. Our arborists can help get to the bottom of exactly what is going on and get your trees the care they need ASAP.

We’ll help you figure out if the tree can be saved.  We will likely start by NOT cutting anything else for a while.  In a year or two we’ll start selectively thinning limbs in an effort to rebuild and restore the new canopy.  We call it a crown restoration and that’s what happens after bad tree trimmers “top” trees.  DON’T ever top your trees.

We’ll help you determine what limbs can be cut. There’s a chance that so much is being cut that it will be better to cut the tree out entirely. We won’t take that step unless its the only option. Don’t let the gardener or regular contractors make the decision. They’ll usually cut whatever is in their way without regard to what you’re going to have to do in the future to maintain the tree and may not be aware of the health or safety impact they are making on the tree and everything around it.

The answer is much like what we do for a deck or a pool (see above). We will add to it a thinning of the tree to allow more sunlight to get to the ground. Keep in mind that trees NEED leaves to live. Having a garden under a tree is just a BAD idea. If you really want a producing garden, Reiners can help you design your yard space to make the best use of what you have available.


It is important when taking care of your precious trees and landscape to hire a professional arborist who knows the equipment but also has extensive knowledge with trees and tree care. Each different type of tree requires a different type of care and only an expert arborists like those at the Reiners Tree Services are qualified to take care of your valuable trees.

Often times trees are extremely expensive to buy new and there are some that I've been growing for a very long time that are beyond monetary value because they are so old or have sentimental value. Don't trust this valuable part of your landscape to an amateur.

Call the arborists and tree care professionals at Reiners Tree Services for a free reassessment and be confident that you're beautiful trees will be in good hands and looking beautiful for years to come. We guarantee our work one hundred percent.


Perfect Safety Record

Reiners operate on a set of safe and well thought out procedures and processes. In a high risk industry, it's essential you hire a tree service that operates safely

Read Our Reviews

Well you can always just take everyone else's word for it, no tree service in Melbourne has better reviews than us, there is a reason for this

High Level Insurance

We have $20 million public liability isurance and work cover coverage

High Quality Plant

We have fully operational, state of the art equipment. All of our machinery is fully maintained, serviced and has safety guarding and devices fitted

Expert Advice

Arborist reports and a full set of arborist related services are available from Reiners. We are a friendly and open business who is happy to give you advice or guidance on your trees

Clean Safe Work Sites

We have a clean up procedure on site. It is our goal to leave your property looking just as it wasbefore we set foot on site, minus the trees

Legitimate Reasonable Pricing

We geniunely provide fair pricing, we have a passionate team and leadership group who enjoy what we do. We don't need to rip anyone off

Ethical Services

Reiners treat nature with respect, animals and trees are all treated with care. We perform our works with minimal impact to the surrounding environment

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