What better business to buy firewood from than a tree service?

Ethically harvested firewood, make most use of trees that had to be removed anyway.

Firewood delivery, hardwood, redwood all types of wood depending on stock.


Reiners Tree Services deliver firewood all over Melbourne, just contact our team and arrange a load. We have helped hundreds of families with firewood logs year after year.


Hardwoods such as maple, oakashbirch, and most fruit trees are the best burning woods that will give you a hotter and longer burn time. These woods have the least pitch and sap and are generally cleaner to handle.

  • Jarrah – Jarrah is a common and well sought-after Eucalyptus hardwood for home heating in Western Australia. Both traces of smoke and ash are minimal, making it an ideal solution. Jarrah is readily available in the Perth metro area as well as the South West.
  • White Gum– Also known as wandoo, is a dense and heavier hardwood, and is also a common Eucalyptus firewood variety in Western Australia. Because of its density, it burns slower and hotter. Using it in a mixed capacity with Jarrah might be worth considering.
  • Sugar Gum – Is mostly a plantation derived hardwood originating from South Australia and is endemic throughout Victoria too, but it is grown elsewhere around Australia. It is ideal for building, joinery and furniture making, but is slow-growing, dense and heavy to handle. In the past, rural farms have used this eucalyptus variety for firewood and fencing, but nowadays good quality Sugar Gum is used mostly for decorative projects, such as polished floors, doors and cabinetry. It would have to be a very low grade if committed to the firewood category.
  • River Red Gum – As mentioned, a prolific tree found right across Australia with concentrations in South Australia, Northern Victoria (Murray River), outback New South Wales and up into Western Queensland, as it follows the Darling River system. Since colonial times, it has proved to be a versatile timber with many applications. As a firewood, it is ideal for combustion wood heaters, but because of its low flame output, it may not be as effective on an open fire. However it is a very common firewood and in abundance.
  • Ironbark – Not so much a single Eucalyptus variant as such, but a family with numerous types generally associated with the term. The common varieties are the Red and Gray Ironbark. Found mostly in New South Wales, Southern Queensland, down into Victoria and over into Tasmania, this is another excellent combustion type firewood, and should be in abundant supply for those of you living in those regions listed above.
  • Grey Box – Another hard wood with several Eucalypt varieties and names. It is found mostly in New South Wales and Queensland but also in Victoria and South Australia. Another popular choice of firewood for your wood heater.
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