Reiners experienced outfit of tree loppers, arborists and plant operators are well trained and ready to take on any job.

Trees are an important part of our environment, but sometimes maintenance is a necessity when they grow in our gardens and cities. At Reiner’s Tree Services our professional arborists have over 25 years of experience in tree maintenance, care and lopping. There are many reasons you should maintain your trees on a regular basis. Trees can become infected with various fungi that slowly kill their limbs. If not properly cared for, these limbs weaken and fall off during storms. This can cause injuries and damage surrounding property. You might have a large tree in your garden that tends to block light from entering your house. With our tree maintenance services, we can reduce the size of the tree while maintaining the integrity of your garden. Office and apartment blocks with overgrown trees can use our tree lopping services, too


There are a number of techniques used to prune trees. Deadwooding is the art of remove limbs from a tree that has died for any number of reasons like infection or being struck by lightning. Crown and canopy thinning is especially important for tall trees that may collapse during a storm or begin to bend under the weight of their top branches. Crown lifting on the other hand is used when trees begin to cover pavements and power lines. Vista tree pruning is the art of clearing away a portion of a tree that may be blocking a window. Directional and formative tree pruning is to help trees grow stronger and straighter. Reiner’s Tree Services professional arborists are trained in all these techniques and many more.

The importance of tree pruning

It is important for young, fast-growing trees to be pruned in order to grow straighter and stronger through the reduction of multiple stems into one single dominant limb. Some branches can be removed for purely aesthetic reasons, as pruning can enhance the shape and form of the tree. We may further suggest the pruning of branches to eliminate interference with structures or to alleviate structural weaknesses in older trees. Lower branches can be also be pruned to allow sunlight to penetrate grass or ground cover plants around the base of the tree. You can rest assured that our trained arborists will carefully assess each situation and discuss all options before proceeding with any work. Once the job is complete, our team ensures they clear the area of all debris. Clients can choose to keep the offcuts; otherwise, we convert it into mulch.

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Ultimate Tree Removal Guide


Tree lopping is the process of removing the top of a tree when it’s situated in a confined area or is causing an obstruction. Our tree lopping team always ensure they take the greatest precautions when removing limbs from trees. We pride ourselves in being environmentally friendly, so all removed pieces are recycled. We do all the work, so you don’t have to. Our team will clear every piece of debris away after the job is complete, leaving the area as clean as when they arrived. Our tree lopping services are particularly important in areas where they might obstruct power lines or interfere with daily activities like driving.


Once a tree has been pruned, it requires regular maintenance, especially trees that were treated for infections. Tree care can also prevent healthy tress from growing fungi and can enhance the beauty of any garden, be it private or a park. At Reiner’s Tree Service we have knowledge on how to care for any tree species. We also offer regular hedge and shrub trimming services. You can add our gutter cleaning services to any order for a robust tree care package. Our professional arborists are knowledgeable on best practices for tree care and will always ensure your garden, park or commercial property receives the best care.

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