If you have a stubborn tree stump in your backyard, hire Reiners to remove it. With over 25 years of experience in tree felling, climbing, tree removal, arborist services and many more tree-related skills and services, Reiners will get the job done fast and within a friendly price range.

Stump grinding is a useful way to win back otherwise redundant space in smaller gardens, and level off landscapes where access by wheeled vehicles may be required.

With all the heavy stump grinding equipment, Reiners will be on site with the right tools for the job.


Reiner’s Tree Services are the experts in reducing or fully removing tree stumps. We always do our best to maintain the integrity of every tree and garden we maintain, but sometimes a tree has to be removed. There are many reason for this such as disease, clearing the land for construction or removing an invasive tree. Sometimes the tree stump can remain in the garden as an aesthetic addition to the landscape, but other times it has to be removed completely. Once a sizable tree has been felled, the stump can be a challenge to remove, especially for old trees with deep roots. With our powerful equipment and expert methodology, we can remove and grind stumps in order to turn the materials into chippings or mulch. Our professional arborists are passionate about their work and will always ensure they do the best work for every client.

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    Stump grinding is the least invasive way to remove a stump from any garden. Not only do you save money with this method, your lawn won’t be damaged by the process. Once you’ve ground a tree stump below the surface, you can add soil over it and grow anything from grass to flowers. You can also replant a tree in that area, but it’s recommended you plant about 10m away from the original site to ensure healthy root growth for the new tree. At Reiner’s Tree Services we recognise the need to respect our clients’ wishes while caring for nature, too. Whether you own an office park and want to remove old tree stumps or want to redo your garden at home, we can help you. We have assisted many hospitals, apartment blocks, schools and private homes over the past 25 years. If you have a new plot of land you need cleared, our stump grinding and removal services will maintain the integrity of the land while removing any unwanted plants. Stump grinding is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective method for removing unwanted trees.

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