Tree Removal Guide for The City of Glen Eira, Melbourne

Glen Eira is a city in Melbourne known for its attractive parks, playgrounds, and reserves.  They are abundant with various species of trees and plants, making them one of the region's greenest hubs.

Like its surrounding cities and municipalities, when it comes to removing and cutting trees in Glen Eira, maintaining the ecosystem and community is essential.   But before you call an arborist, you need to familiarize yourself first with the laws and regulations.

Tree Protection in Glen Eira

Glen Eira has less public space per capita than any other Melbourne-government area. Their parks and greeneries are highly valued for their significance for the environment and public health.

With the rising population and development, citizens could not just cut public or private trees.  Even though Glen Eira doesn't have a general tree law, permits are still needed. Glen Eira generally relies on the town and state law planning to manage and preserve tree(s).

When Should I Get a Permit?

If you plan to cut or remove a tree in your area, you need to seek permission first from the authority. You still need to get a permit if your property is within the following Overlays;

  •         Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO) – Omama Road, Murrumbeena is the only Significant Landscape Overlay in Glen Eira. This control enhances and conserves the characteristics of such a landscape. This will require you to acquire a permit to destroy, remove or lop a specific tree.

·         Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO) – This overlay protects the areas of essential vegetation, enhancing and maintaining the habitats of plants and trees. It also encourages the regeneration of native vegetation.  

What About Street Trees?

You are only allowed to cut or remove a street tree(s) according to the following reasons:

  •  If it is hazardous and poses a threat to the property or public safety   
  • It has failed to grow
  • If the local council need to accommodate a new vehicle crossover or unavailable access

What About My Neighbour's Tree?

You may also request or ask for a permit for pruning or cutting your neighbour's tree(s). Essentially, the Victoria Property Law protects these trees. Well, aside from appropriately discussing your plan with your neighbor, It is vital to seek your local authority's assistance to get the right information you need. Remember that it is not your property. 

Can I remove or Cut a Tree without Permission?

Yes, if your property doesn't fall under the Significant Landscape Overlay or Vegetation Protection Overlay zones of Glen Eira council then, you have the liberty to remove or cut a tree without the need to ask for the council's permission.

To get more information about Tree removal, Contact Glen Eira Council Town Planning Department or you may send them an email at [email protected]  or click here for a comprehensive town planning tree control.

Can I remove or Cut a Tree without Permission?

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