Trees and Property Value

A functional and interiorly designed house is perhaps the common goal of many real estate experts to make that sale. However, don’t you know that having a beautifully landscaped yard increases the value of a property higher that you think?  Yes, you heard it right, having an attractive tree in your property gives you the opportunity to name your price.

Continue reading this article to know why and how you can increase the value of your property:

The Value of a Tree

Trees offer numerous economic, environmental and health benefits to any residents. On the other hand, it can be quite challenging for some to assess the value of a tree or a landscape.  That why, it is very important if you have the right knowledge or get an assistance with an experts advise when it comes to the cost associated with maintaining, improving and repairing the tree health to make it more valuable.

The Impact of Tree and Landscape to Property Value

Did you know that good landscape designs can increase the value of a property at 4-5%? On the contrary, if you fail to care for your tree and poorly selected plant material can lower the value of the property at 8-10%.

 Many real estate assessors know that the more mature trees the property has, the more is more sealable at 20%. If you want that property to sell right away, one important thing to do is to have it properly landscaped or even buy a tree and plant it in the property.

Trees Provide Great Benefits to Environment

One of the benefits of trees in an urban community is it helps in lowering heating and cooling cost in homes and offices. They play a very significant role too in removing carbon dioxide and pollutants, help repair the ozone and lessens storm water or flooding.

Good for Health

Apart from having an attractive yard, it improves psychological and emotional health. This makes it ideal for an individual to develop a better outlook in life.  It also provides great shade and averts airborne pollutants from spreading. If the buyers of the property give much importance to health and wellness then having a well-maintained landscape with healthy tree(s) is a perfect match.   Additionally, it is not just applicable for residential properties as well.  Even commercial properties need to have nice trees in the area too.

Tree and Property Value in Melbourne

In Melbourne, green infrastructure offers significant social, economic and environmental benefits.  Thus, it is important for them to have a good number of trees. This ensures that every home and community will have more greenery.

Trees in Melbourne and Its Price

With today’s advancement of technology, you’ll no longer need to plant a seedling and wait for it to grow. It is now possible to buy a tree that you can transfer into your property. This is perhaps one of the easiest methods to increase the value of the property. It is usually done, if the property doesn’t have that much value because of a poor landscaping.

With this, you can select any kind of tree you want to add into the property whether it is natives, ornamental, or Palm trees. Not everyone has a green thumb and buying tree(s) is definitely the best option to make sure that you have an instant tree in the garden.

Ornamental Trees

If you want to have an attractive and flowering canopy, then ornamental trees are perfect.  Some of the top ornamental trees in Melbourne are ornamental pear, crab apple, flowering cherry, lagerstroemia, and gleditsia.  Each one of these ornamental trees is available in different species and types.  You also need to know how to take care of the trees as well. The price also depends on these factors as well.

Eucalyptus Trees

Another top-of-the-line tree that can increase the value of your property are Eucalyptus trees. From scribbly gum, dwarf angophora, water gum, argyle apple, large-fruited yellow gum, eucalyptus summer beauty, red flowering gum, lemon-scented gum, and mugga ironbark. The usual price of a Eucalyptus tree depends on the type, size, height and species that you are going to buy.

Additionally, you may buy a small or large tree for the garden or landscape. Know if they can transport and plan a grown-up tree.  It would be best if you can make some research by determining the type of tree and its species to see if they are safe, sturdy, and not prone to any disease. There are varieties of options out there and you just need to select the right one.


Wrapping up,, if you want to increase the value of the property you are selling in Melbourne. It is very important to not just focus on the beauty of the house or the commercial space, the overall look and view of the whole property including trees and landscape is very useful.

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