What is a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgeons, commonly known as arborists or arboriculturist, are experts in tree cutting, removal, maintenance, and care. These are professionals are more proficient and knowledgeable about every need of any tree than a typical arborist. These professionals can provide specialized tree care and conservation.

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Why do You Need to Hire a Tree Surgeon?

Even though garden shrubs and bushes are easy to take care of without the expert's help, hiring a tree surgeon is the best thing to do to ensure that your tree will be handled properly and efficiently. 

Proper tree care is a significant investment that can bring you substantial returns. A well-maintained tree means they are not just attractive but also increases the value of your property. Hiring an expert arborist means they have the right expertise, solutions, and equipment.

What is a Certified Tree Surgeon?

A certified tree surgeon or specialized arborist is a term used for individuals who have acquired the right education and training about the science and art planting, caring, and maintaining tree(s). This means they have formal learning and training in taking care of different trees.

In Australia, the education and training of aspirant arborists are streamlined throughout the country. Any individual who wishes to be a tree surgeon should complete the required Australian Qualifications Framework vocational education and training. AQF offers different levels of professional qualification.

Another way to get certification for arborists is through Technical and Further Education or TAFE wherein they offer a diploma in arboriculture and Certificate III. Dealing with a tree is not easy, so it is vital to hire a certified tree surgeon in Melbourne.

What is the Difference Between Arborist and Tree Surgeon?

Although arborist and tree surgeon is considered some as the same profession and even used words interchangeably, the latter focused more on jobs such as site clearance, felling, clearing of trees, stump grinding, and other emergency tree care.

Being a tree surgeon indicates that a professional has more adept skills and expertise in handling complicated and tree works project. They can bring down a tree with the right step and measures to ensure that everything is in order.

What Are the Services Offered by a Tree Surgeon?

Inspections and Assessment

Tree surgeons will conduct proper inspections and assessments on your tree(s). They can determine any potential hazard or dangers. These professionals will also decide how much work should be performed and how long it will be completed.

Remove Dangerous Branches/Tree

They will identify any branches or particular tree that needs to be removed right away. Their job is beyond cutting or trimming a tree. They make sure to use the right tools and equipment to remove a dangerous tree safely.  Tree surgeons also follow the right safety precautions to avoid accidents.

Planting and Maintaining

These experts aren't just concerned with pruning, chopping, and tree felling. They can also help in planting trees in their respective area. Planting isn't an easy task. It should be done with the right care so that it can thrive.  A tree surgeon may use supports, cables, and braces to make sure that the tree will fully thrive.

Treat Insect Infested Tree

If there's a chance for a tree to be treated for insect infestation, a tree surgeon will do everything to save a tree's life. They may apply particular pesticides to a specific part of the tree to increase resistance. Proper preparation and clearance are usually needed before it starts.

Remove Problematic Stump

A problematic tree stump is very hazardous as it usually causes tripping. If you have toddlers or senior citizens at home, removing them is the best way to prevent them from tripping. Hiring a reliable tree surgeon is an ideal way to get rid of the stump completely.

Expert Advice

Obviously, with their years of education and tree removal training, tree surgeons are the best professionals to provide the right advice. They know everything about tree planting, maintenance, and removal. You can sleep at night knowing that your tree(s) is in good hands.

Waste Clearance

When it comes to pruning, cuttings, and trimming, expect that you'll have a humungous amount of waste (leaves, twigs, branches, and sap) to take care. With an experienced tree surgeon, they have the right waste management and equipment to remove these rubbishes 

What Makes a Good Tree Surgeon?

If you are looking for Melbourne's best tree surgeon, it is essential to know if they possess the best qualities and traits.

Here are the qualities of a reliable tree surgeon:

Knowledgeable Enough

A good tree surgeon can answer any question under the sun.  They need to have in-depth knowledge about tree species and their characteristics. It is also best if they know how to provide the right care and maintenance of every type of tree. If they can't answer your question with conviction and confidence, then better hang up.

Understanding in Local Tree Removal Laws and Regulations

As a certified tree specialist in Melbourne, a good one should know the local tree removal guidelines and decrees. You have to remember that every state, city, or province has its set of environmental laws and regulations. It is best if a tree expert you are eyeing to hire should understand these procedures.

Good Communication Skills

How can they explain to you clearly if they don't have good communication skills, right? They must be able to explain to you everything with clarity and expertise. This is ideal for you to come up with the best decision.

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Why Select RTS?

Our team of tree surgeons is dedicated to providing the best tree removal services in Melbourne.  Our combined years of experience and knowledge in the industry make us a dependable and reliable tree removal contractor.  We will take care of your tree(s) in the best possible way!

At RTS, we have the right set of tree removal equipment and tools dedicated to every project.  Our licensed contractors are also trained in various safety procedures and practices so that everyone on the site is safe. 

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