Can I Cut Down My Neighbours Tree Branches?

Are you tired of seeing your neighbour's tree branches disrupting the peace and harmony of your home? You might be itching to ask this question – can I cut down my neighbour's tree branches? The answer is definitely yes, but be sure to consult it first with your local authority.

Plants and trees are beautiful to look at, but if their branches and twigs had crossed the line and they have become an annoyance, it's time to act. Imagine the drooping branches or encroaching roots and the falling leaves that are starting to pollute your yard. These could be the leading cause of disputes and fights between neighbours.

If your neighbour's tree is becoming a nuisance, don't pick that axe yet – You must first understand the laws and regulations. Tree removal can get political, so let's take a look at the rules.

Consult Your Local Council

If you don't know what to do, it is best to contact your local council to get informed. Check if the tree is protected by the law first. For example, centennial trees shouldn't be cut down without the authority's permission as the environmental laws protect them.   Unauthorized cutting of trees may penalize you with hefty fines or even subject you to criminal charges. Keep in mind that rules and regulations may vary depending on which province, state, or city you live in.  

Talk to Your Neighbour

If there's no environmental law that protects the tree, then the next step to do is to talk to your neighbour. Let them know politely that their tree is now becoming a nuisance to you. Doing this prevents stressful disputes among neighbours.

Remember Your Limitations

After obtaining the permit from your local council, or if they aren't part of the protected tree and already discussed it with your neighbour, you may now have the right to trim or cut down tree branches, leaves or roots.

Right of abatement is the law that allows you to reduce or remove any nuisance. However, there's a limitation to this law. You shouldn't cause unnecessary damage that could kill the tree. This is something that you need to understand first.

 Now that the day has come, when cutting the branches, whether you'll do it on your own or hiring a tree cutting specialist in your area, you cannot enter their property without getting the right permission from them, even cutting the branches back.

The expenses for cutting the tree branches will all be handled by you unless you and your neighbour have agreed, then it's all fine. You also need to return any stems, leaves, or twigs to them because, technically, it's still their property. 

In conclusion, it is essential to let them know about your plans before starting the job to avoid confusion. Make sure to schedule it at a time that is most convenient with your neighbour.  These will prevent any issue from arising. Need a tree removal specialist in Melbourne? Click this link and talk to us today!
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